The Planet

A millennia ago, a mighty tremble shook the Seque 1 Galaxy. A fatal collision with dark matter left planet Zaphrat split into three. The sun planet Oryn was too hot to foster life, while the ice planet Herayat became overrun with Deseren. Paleris, the largest planet of the three, developed an environment of polar opposites. A thriving ecosystem, Paleris grew abundant in resources yet was left barren of consciousness. But not for long…

The Arrival

With countless lifeforms in the multiverse, it was only a matter of time before Paleris found its inhabitants. Each new arrival vastly different than the last; they flocked from far and wide to claim this Eden as their own. The world was soon overflowing with activity, but every race had its intention for the future of Paleris.

The Build

Paleris was carved into sections to accommodate the races that rarely saw eye to eye. Decades of development made for treason and division among the new population. Soon enough, Paleris proved too small for the races to live peacefully as neighbors. With growing conflict and festering betrayal, Paleris eroded by destruction.

The Trine

The Trine War became the beginning of the end. Races devised intricate treaties to keep others out and away from what they saw as theirs. Conflict and genocide divided Paleris into three sides, caught in a race for its resources and dwindling by the day.

The Retreat

In the heat of war, Human arrival on Paleris made the other races draw back in fear and prepare for mass destruction. Terror gripped Paleris with unrelenting force as every race hurried to devise a triumphant plan. Hopes of unity were all but abandoned, as there could only be one victor.

The War

After centuries of animosity between the races, the threat of an eternal war for your home once again looms in the air. With tension high across the lands, the future is now in your hands - will you answer the call to bring Paleris to unprecedented unity? Or will you watch as your world slips slowly into ruin?