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Warchain is a masterful MMORPG fusing decentralized finance protocols, token economy, and blockchain applications. 

Embark on a unique and all-encompassing quest for truth on the mythical and biodiverse planet of Paleris. In a land once again on the brink of total war, seven races live oblivious to the greatest threat of all, looming just beyond their grasp on reality. 

Join your chosen race in a battle for glory and lasting peace on a planet torn apart by centuries-old division. Charge into battle for your kind, and by becoming the greatest warrior Paleris has ever seen, you may well become its savior…

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overview of warchain

Warchain entices you into a living, breathing world via a breathtaking introductory tutorial and large-open world game map that showcases the sheer variety of quests/side quests and characterization options.

Featuring multiplayer instances, including Raids, Dungeons, and PvP throughout the revolutionary experience, Players have the chance to explore many perspectives of the world of Warchain. With an immersive storyline that ties together all threads and regions, Warchain is committed to a rich gameplay experience regardless of the Player’s chosen race or class.

Across the races, a centuries-long animosity lived from various perspectives, yet all lead to a penultimate and pivotal end-game moment to send Paleris into hope or annihilation…


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Blockchain & Metaverse

Warchain breathes new life into the stagnant arena that MMOs currently operate within. Blockchain technology within Warchain’s MMO RPG encourages you to own your assets and experience financial progression alongside gameplay.

Warchain’s metaverse acts as a neutral central town that all players can access regardless of level. Walk into each building with your game character, converse with non-playable characters (NPCs), and participate in a unique gamified blockchain experience. A virtual reality (VR) experience awaits in this area alone. 

Our model allows you to bypass the black-market trading that has found its home in numerous popular MMOs such as World of Warcraft and trade directly with other players on our in-game NFT Marketplace. You may also take the $WAR tokens you’ve earned in-game and deposit them at our Bank for interest, governance, and free airdrops. 

The scope of Warchain’s metaverse extends even further by including a decentralized exchange, LP farming, a launchpad, and even integrated partnership projects. Warchain challenges the current standards of blockchain gaming and the current MMO model in traditional gaming to provide a genuinely next-level experience unlike no other.

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